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We are Formex1, the global racing team 

Jenzer Formex1 is the global Racing team with world class racers from a solid lineage from Mexico; Latin America and the rest of the world trained and formed to be the best. Being an open program, Jenzer Formex1 recruit and train the best racers the world has to offer.

Our mission is to form a team with the best drivers in diverse categories that will outshine the competition, to compete and win in Formula 1 as in other important categories of racing, in Mexico, United States and Europe targeting Formula 3 Asia for the season 2022.

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Indeed, Formex 1 is the team to which you contribute your talent, your technique and of which you can be a PARTNER.

Soon we will announce the bases to participate in the selection of the first two pilots that will represent Mexico in 2020, we will start with 1 pilot in the European Formula 3 FIA and in the middle of the year we will select the second pilot for the same category.

How to become a sponsor ACA?   (Active Commercial Ally)?

We are you best option to advertise your Brand tro any kind of public anywhere in the globe.

Jenzer Formex is summation of the best in the league, Jenzer Motorsports and Formex 1, united to win championships to serve our Active Commercial Allies (ACA), who’s economic means allow us to promote and sell each ACA’s product or service, thus, allowing us to reach our goals.

Your success is our passion and our passion is your success

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