We don´t ask for a sponsorship, we work with you to increase your revenues and profits.

Unlike any other racing team, we actively promote the products and services of our Active Commercial Allies (ACA) throughout social media 24 hors 7 days a week all year long by using interviews, stories, commercials, videos in our digital platforms. The difference in our partnership with our sponsors, is that our drivers and Jenzer Formex1 personnel will sell YOUR products and/or services at a constant rate, not solely during races or premeditated events, in addition to world tv, printed and electronic media used by each championship like Fox Sports for instance, events, and race time like the rest of the teams.

We are constantly promoting leads for our ACA by using web postings, commercials, videos, and interviews throughout social media and prominent racing websites. Whenever a driver is interviewed, has posted on social media, or shown on our youtube channel, your product/service will be prominent for the world to see. We also promote and create our own events, press conferences and media interviews. Your logo will appear on our website with a link directly to your Jenzer Formex 1 micro site with your messages and links to your page, allowing those who are interested in your product/service to have there at their finger prints to locate you and buy promptly. 

By request we can also provide a Brand Wellness Analysis at your place to suggest marketing needs and strategies.

Our team is equally important in Europe, as it is in the Americas with television coverage in both continents. Jenzer Formex1 does not only focus on one category of racing or a particular championship, limiting audiences to one country, region or language, meaning our drivers and cars span from the FIA F3 Europe and F4 Italia, to additional races in Paul Ricard, Hockenheim and Red Bull Ring,  F4 Nacam Mx, Nascar Trucks Mx and lastly the 2020 season in Karting. For the 2020 season. (Please see our objectives)

(Our partnership includes a 100% tax deduction to those ACAs directly involved in Mexico.)

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